Hair Salon
Thick Braids

Opening hours according to bookings

Maria has a broad experience and many years as a professional hair stylist and cutter.

She can do anything and everything so do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any special requests, or even just plain and simple elegant styles.


Hair styling

Party / ballroom / feast 8000kr Confirmation 15000kr Brides 19000kr


Hairwash 1500kr Hairwash with drying 4000kr Hairwash with deep nourishment cleansing 4500kr Hairdrying / Hairblow 5000kr

Dyeing and stripes

Litun: Dyeing of the root 8000kr Dyeing of short hair 8200kr Dyeing medium short/long hair 8700kr Dyeing of long hair 9500kr Strips dyeing Short hair 8700 medium short/long hair 9700 Dyeing of long hair 120000

Permanet & more

Perement Short 8200kr Medium short 9700kr Long 12500kr Lagning Short 4500kr Medium short 5500kr Long 6500kr


Ladies 6690kr Men 5500kr Children 3500-3990kr Shave hair off 3000kr Cutting of top 1500